Domain & Server Manager Features

To structure & track everything

Servers & Domains

All information in one place


Everything should be structured

All data is not just in one list - you can organize everything in the most convenient way.

  • Divide the servers from different providers into the relevant folders.
  • Group the domains depending on the projects or application types.
  • You can attach a comment or short description to each element.


Consolidated table of all the servers

Insert information about servers & their short characteristics into the application.

Consolidated table of all the servers will help you:

  • To identify which servers need to be updated
  • To choose a server for a new project
  • To analyze characteristics & prices of different providers
  • To see the common amount of expenses for your servers' support

Each server

All necessary information

Quick access to all the necessary information about any server, registered in the application.

  • List of all domains, hosted at this very server
  • IP address and characteristics
  • Short description and provider


Information about the domain and its subdomains

Domain's convenient structure allows to easily navigate & find the problem areas.

  • Not to get lost in a big number of domains
  • To easily find a server where a website or an application is located
  • To find domains or sub-domains which are not linked to the server
  • To find domains which you can get rid of (for example, an out-of-date application which is no longer active)

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